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Evan SpiegelGreg Sandoval/Business Insider

Snap‘s user growth is looking up, according to Deutsche Bank.

“Snap’s user growth looks robust in May,” Deutsche Bank analyst Lloyd Walmsley wrote in a note out to clients Tuesday evening. “We slightly increase our second-quarter Snap daily active user and revenue estimates.”

Walmsley’s said Snap’s rollback of the unpopular redesign is a key driver of the user growth.

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In other news:

Amazon just made history by buying rights to show live Premier League games. The company will livestream 20 matches a season and Prime members are guaranteed to see every team.

It looks like Facebook is going to clone yet another Snapchat feature. TechCrunch reports that Instagram is going to launch a dedicated vertical for long-form videos from creators and publishers.

Kate Spade’s fashion brand’s final major ad campaign before her death was called ‘Where Is Kate?’ and featured a detective played by her husband searching for the fleeing designer. The “Where Is Kate?” campaign was the last Frances Valentine campaign before Kate Spade’s death on Tuesday.

A man died while climbing Mount Everest in a cryptocurrency stunt gone wrong. Social network ASKfm sponsored a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts to climb Mount Everest as a part of a marketing stunt for their forthcoming ICO – but one of the accompanying guides went missing.

A top tech dealmaker says that everyone’s going to have to get used to giving up personal data – or the free internet will die. Jay C. MacDonald, CEO at the investment bank Digital Capital Advisors, says that consumers have had an awakening when it comes to how their data has been exploited for marketing online.

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