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Facebook wants to get people to actually watch Watch.

So the company is turning to a crop of media companies that it’s recently had a rocky relationship with for help: news organisations.

After months of speculation, Facebook is formally rolling out a dedicated news tab within its Watch video section featuring shows created by a handful of top media companies like CNN, Fox News, ABC News and Univision.

To read more about Facebook’s new Watch section, click here.

In other news:

Inside Roku’s battle to control the future of TV advertising – and why it better watch out for Amazon. Roku’s future is in advertising, and it wants to own as much of the connected TV ad ecosystem as possible.

Justin Timberlake has created his own new drink for a brand that’s becoming a threat to Coke and Pepsi.Timberlake is giving another boost to Bai Brands, one of the fastest-growing flavored-water brands in the US.

Facebook has a data sharing agreement with Huawei, a telecom giant with alleged ties to the Chinese government. The deal, which according to The New York Times was brokered sometime before 2010, granted Huawei access to Facebook user data.

This LGBT vlogger is furious with YouTube for restricting his videos, stripping them of revenue, and targeting them with ‘anti-gay’ ads. In an interview with Business Insider, Chase Ross said the homophobic ads around his videos were particularly troubling because they target “vulnerable” viewers, exploring their gender identity.

Instagram will reportedly launch a feature allowing users to post hour-long videos. Citing anonymous sources, The Wall Street Journal reports that Instagram has been talking about the feature to content-creators and publishers.

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