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Just two weeks after AT&T won a landmark ruling allowing its merger with Time Warner to continue without conditions, it appears its acquisition plans aren’t slowing down.

The company has agreed to purchase digital ad firm AppNexus. Such a deal signals AT&T’s plans to challenge Google and Facebook for digital ad dominance with its combination of TV and technology assets. Terms of the deal were not disclosed but the Wall Street Journal reports that the acquisition could cost around $US1.6 billion. The transaction is planned to close during the third quarter of 2018, per AT&T.

To find out the winners and losers of AT&T’s acquisition of AppNexus, click here.

In related news:

We just got the inside track on AT&T’s ambitions to reinvent TV advertising – and work directly with rival TV giants. AT&T ad chief Brian Lesser talked to Business Insider at Cannes Lions about the telecom’s plans following the closure of the Time Warner acquisition.

In other news:

Facebook is rejecting ads from restaurants, hair salons, and job fairs because they’re too “political,” and people are furious. According to a report in The New York Times, Facebook’s new system for flagging political ads seems to have some flaws.

“We don’t rely on Facebook at all”: The Washington Post’s year-old experiment with social publishing is moving towards websites, email, and video. Page views to The Lily’s standalone site tripled during the first quarter of this year while email subscribers have increased 177%.

GE’s Linda Boff reveals how the brand remains true to its DNA, why ad impressions are vanity metrics, and why it’s finally embracing programmatic advertising. GE has embraced technology and platforms where its audience is, and that reinforce who it is as a company, says Boff.

Netflix’s top spokesman fired over use of racial term. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says he fired the company’s top spokesman over use of the N-word.

Apple just launched a “fact-based” election feature in Apple News with coverage from Fox News and the Washington Post. Apple News now has a section dedicated to news about the midterm elections in the United States with exclusive features from The Washington Post, Axios, and Politico.

Amazon’s 10% discount for Prime members is hitting all Whole Foods stores this week. The deals rolled out last month at Whole Foods stores in 13 states and will be expanded on Wednesday to all stores nationwide.

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