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It’s been a rough couple of months for Uber, and there may be no respite in sight.

On Tuesday, Uber released to its employees the results of an intensive, monthslong investigation, including recommendations for how the company could fix its image problems. Uber also limited some of the responsibilities of CEO Travis Kalanick, who announced he would take a leave of absence.

To read more about why experts think that the company’s response may be too little too late, click here.

In other news:

The life and rise of Travis Kalanick, Uber’s controversial billionaire CEO. How Uber ended up becoming a global behemoth and one of Silicon Valley’s most successful companies — and one of the most contentious.

TV advertising is slipping and it can’t blame the economy this time. According to a new report from the ad buying giant Magna Global, spending on TV ads by marketers will dip by 1% this year.

The Trump administration is delaying a big change to nutrition labels that would make calories and sugars easier to see. The changes were supposed to happen by July 26, 2018. But on Tuesday, the FDA said it would give companies more time to make the shift.

The weirdest events at Cannes, where the world’s top marketing gurus are gathering to guzzle rose and bask on yachts. From virtual reality wine tasting to networking brain dating, we’ ve pulled together an entire list on the schedule of the Cannes Lions Festival next week.

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s ex-CEO, says she’s looking “forward to using Gmail again.” At a conference in London, Mayer said one of the things she was looking forward to in her post-Yahoo life was using Gmail again.

Time Inc. to eliminate about 300 jobs, or 4% of workforce, reports the Wall Street Journal. The publisher is eliminating about 300 jobs in the US and abroad, as the country’s largest magazine publisher sharpens its focus on digital media and video opportunities.

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