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Many web publishers have been jilted by Facebook. Now they are quickly falling hard for Apple News. They just hope that this new love leads to new revenue.

After a shaky start which led many in the media world to doubt whether Apple was serious about the product (the Wall Street Journal reported in 2016 that neither publishers nor Apple execs were sure how big their Apple News audiences were), a slew of top web publishers are enjoying significant traffic spikes from the news aggregation app.

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In other news:

AT&T paying Trump’s lawyer gobs of cash is a PR nightmare that raises big questions. The fact that Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, isn’t a registered lobbyist experienced in the workings of the federal government raises questions.

Roku’s isn’t just a hardware company anymore – CEO Anthony Wood explains why ads are its future. The company is now gaining more revenue from its platform business – which is primarily comprised of advertising sales – than from the digital media players that made it famous.

McDonald’s and Wendy’s are locked in a high-stakes burger battle – and the rivalry is only going to get messier.McDonald’s is now selling Quarter Pounders made with fresh beef nationwide – something that has long been a key advantage for fast-food rival Wendy’s and Wendy’s is fighting back by slamming McDonald’s in advertising.

Applebee’s CEO slams reports that millennials are killing the chain as ‘false news.’ The executive, Stephen Joyce, said to Business Insider that Applebee’s made some major missteps in trying to win over younger customers.

Augmented reality startup Blippar, which has raised more than $US100 million in funding, is closing its biggest office. The company is pulling out of Silicon Valley by shutting down its Mountain View office, and it has lost several key executives in the last five months.

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