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Former Modelez chief marketing officer Dana Anderson raised some eyebrows last year, when she departed the packaged goods giant (known for brands ranging from Ritz to Oreos) to take on a role with MediaLink – the advertising consulting firm that works with both clients and ad agencies.

But with the ad industry is total flux, as brands have to deal with a changing ad agency model and a messy digital ad ecosystem, Anderson has a big opportunity to help marketers navigate this world as Medialink’s “chief transformation officer.”

Business Insider caught up with Anderson to talk more about what she dubs the “kitchen table” model, and why more brands should consider following suit. To read more, click here.

In other news:

Netflix blew past its subscriber growth targets in its first-quarter earnings report Monday, and its stock rose by more than 6% in after-hours trading. The streaming giant added a total of 7.41 million subscribers in the US and internationally – its biggest total for Q1.

Netflix doesn’t have to worry about the cloud threatening companies like Facebook and Google says CEO Reed Hastings. Hastings thinks his company will be unaffected by a regulatory crackdown.

Facebook has explained exactly how it tracks web users – even those who aren’t signed up to its service – through like and share buttons embedded on pages. Non-Facebook users can’t opt out of that tracking.

Speaking of Facebook, trust in the company has spectacularly nosedived after its enormous data breach. A study conducted by the think-tank Ponemon Institute found just 27% of the 3,000 people surveyed thought Facebook would protect their privacy, compared with 79% in 2017.

Apple is reportedly readying a monthly subscription service for news. The Apple News subscription could look a lot like Apple’s streaming music service, Apple Music.

‘Our business model has been completely jeopardized’ – these publishers say Facebook has nearly destroyed their livelihoods. Last week, the digital media startup Maven gathered hundreds of independent publishers to pitch them on a new platform designed to help them better compete with Facebook.

And ICYMI, the chance of WPP being broken up has ‘dramatically increased.’ Read how Goldman, UBS and other major analysts are reacting to Sir Martin Sorrell leaving.

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