What you need to know in advertising today

Ad buyers and TV network executives converged in New York City last week for a series of splashy, star-studded events. Jennifer Hudson sang. The cast of “Roseanne” reunited. There was lots of trash talking aimed at Facebook and Google. There was a new show about a magician who consults for the FBI.

But there was something missing among the round of TV upfront presentations, during which networks try and sell advertisers on their new crop of upcoming shows: lots of projects spun out of digital media companies.

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In other news:

Mark Zuckerberg wants to make Facebook more like the Peace Corps and Alcoholics Anonymous – Mark Zuckerberg’s whirlwind tour of the US has the Facebook CEO thinking about the future of his nearly 2-billion-user social network. And that future looks like a mix of The Peace Corps and Alcoholics Anonymous.

Ad execs are getting sick of Facebook’s News Feed – Since 2012, News Feed ads have been the center of Facebook’s business. But the number of ads the company can show there is approaching its upper limit.

A look inside Facebook’s New York office, where employees of the $US435 billion company enjoy virtual reality games and an in-house pastry chef Facebook is one of the world’s most desirable places to work thanks to incredible perks, impressive salaries, and great corporate culture.

Tencent is on a roll in China – China’s Tencent is on a roll. The company’s Q1 2017 revenues surpassed analyst expectations, climbing 55% year over year to RMB49.55 billion ($US7.2 billion).

Facebook, Microsoft, and Google are raising the bar higher than ever for Apple – We’re coming up on the end of the busiest season in tech — the month-and-a-half stretch where the biggest companies in the market reveal their grand visions for the next 12 months at their annual mega-conference events.

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