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Rupert Murdoch doesn’t see much of a future for anything on linear TV that’s not news or sports – and even for sports he sees an impending challenge from Facebook.

On Thursday, the media mogul went into detail about the thinking behind his blockbuster sale of 21st Century Fox’s entertainment and TV assets to Disney for $US54.2 billion. And he didn’t paint a rosy future for a lot of traditional TV.

“People watch television differently, not ‘news’ or ‘business,’ but ‘entertainment’ they watch very differently,” Murdoch said in an interview on Fox Business. Basically, Murdoch said people like to watch programs like TV dramas or comedies at their own pace, in a “nonlinear” way. To Murdoch, the only “must-see” TV anymore is news and sports, which are inherently live. To read more about the media mogul’s take on the future of TV advertising, click here.

In other news:

Meanwhile, as we continue to disect the monster Disney/Fox deal, what’s the future of Hulu? There’s one part of the streaming service that could become an early casualty.

A former Viacom exec is promising to help brands find their true identity in a time of chaos. Ross Martin has launched Blackbird, which promises to help companies figure out their belief systems.

The FCC repealed net neutrality – here’s what that means for you. Hint: probably higher prices.

The tech industry, including Google and Netflix, is vowing to fight back against the FCC’s decision to kill net neutrality.‘The fight isn’t over.’

Silicon Valley venture capitalist and Uber investor Shervin Pishevar has resigned from his VC firm Sherpa Capital after several women accused him of sexual harassment. Pishevar said he has resigned to fight to “untruthful attacks.”

Amazon may have just hit a major roadblock.Amazon’s Prime membership growth is slowing in the US, according to a survey by Morgan Stanley.

Walmart is cutting ties with celebrity chef Mario Batali in the wake of sexual misconduct and groping allegations. Target and Eataly have similarly announced they will stop selling Batali’s products.

Facebook has confirmed that it is testing preroll ads in Watch, the Wall Street Journal reports. Preroll also could begin appearing in front of videos found through Facebook’s search bar.

Snapchat will now let you create your own augmented reality lenses, with the launch of a new Lens Studio. It’s the first time the average user can create AR effects for the app.

The $US4 billion U.S. Army advertising review has been “compromised” due to a personal relationship between the director of marketing at the Army Marketing and Research Group James Ortiz and a former executive at its incumbent agency McCann, Adweek reports.An internal investigation has been launched, and Ortiz has been removed.

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