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The media corporation 21st Century Fox has been in talks to sell most of itself to Disney, CNBC’s David Faber reported on Monday.

An acquisition would leave 21st Century Fox with a smaller, more focused portfolio of news and sports networks to better compete in a changing media space, the report said.

A deal would exclude the Fox broadcast network because Disney could not own two broadcast networks, the report said. (Disney acquired ABC in 1996.) It would also exclude Fox’s sports channels to avoid regulatory concerns that combining them with ESPN would be anticompetitive.

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In other news:

Disney and Fox need a deal to take on the tech giants — just not this deal. A Disney-Fox combination would create lots of leverage, but the limitations of the deal reportedly floated by Disney, which wouldn’t include the Fox network and Fox sports, would limit its impact.

Papa John’s and other brands are grilling the NFL over national anthem protests. Here’s how all of the league’s sponsors have responded.

Snapchat wasn’t working for a lot of people. The app was hit with a widespread service outage on Monday that sent many users into a state of frenzied panic on social media.

Speaking of Snapchat, the company debunked a viral hoax saying it would shut down on November 14. CEO Evan Spiegel took to Twitter to debunk a fake news story that originated from a prank news story generator.

Adidas just launched a new shopping app that learns what you like. The company is saying that the app will be the “hub” of digital interaction with the brand and is highly personalised, only surfacing and suggesting things that customers already care about.

Will.i.am got $US117 million (£89 million) to make a big bet on business software.The musician’s company is developing a voice assistant for customer service.

Harvey Weinstein hired companies staffed by ex-foreign intelligence agents to squash allegations against him. The operatives assumed fake identities and posed as other people to convince several accusers to talk.

Facebook announced that it has discovered two new advertising measurement errors, Marketing Land reported. The latest measurement mishap miscounted mobile videos that played out of view, causing the company to overcharge advertisers. Facebook has issued reimbursements for the mistake.

Mattress company Casper is shutting down the site, Van Winkle’s after it failed to gain traction, the Wall Street Journal reports. In its place, the company is launching a quarterly print publication called Woolly.

Amazon is rolling out a new API for self-serve ads, Digiday reports. An API for sponsored products for sellers already exists, but the company is now testing a separate API for brands.

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