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The job of the chief marketing officer is changing.

Marketing executives play a far more active role in the C-suite and the boardroom today than ever before. They wear business hats, chart out ways to use data and technology at scale, and drive actual, measurable business results.

With marketers’ positions within their organisations becoming more important than ever, Business Insider is celebrating the global marketers rising to the occasion with the second instalment of our annual ranking of the 50 most innovative CMOs in the world.

To see which marketers made the cut, click here.

In other news:

The owner of Arby’s will buy Buffalo Wild Wings for $US2.9 billion. Buffalo Wild Wings be a privately held subsidiary of Arby’s, whose CEO will stay in that same role for the combined entity.

TV ad spending is down – but not for the reason you think. Advertising budgets are bleeding out of television, but not because of a shift to digital media, but rather due to traditional marketing giants cutting spending in general.

An ad executive explains how brands can avoid making the same mistakes they made with mobile apps in voice tech.Custom skills and light-touch activations are an important step for brands in voice tech, but not the end game, says Joe Maceda, the Invention Studio Lead at Mindshare North America.

Facebook is rolling out an artificial intelligence-based feature that aims to recognise suicidal posts and flag them before they are reported. Initial tests in the US will be followed by a global rollout in the coming weeks, with the exception of the EU.

Snapchat is testing new filters that change depending on the subject.The new contextual filters and borders change based on the photo’s context, and can recognise a few categories like pets, sports, and food.

YouTube’s search auto-fill function was found to surface disturbing results. Some of them included things like “How to have s*x with your kids,” and the company has announced that it’s working to fix the problem.

Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp is resigning. Karp’s resignation comes less than a year after Verizon acquired the Yahoo-owned subsidiary.

FIFA is having a tough time selling sponsorships for the 2018 soccer World Cup, the New York Times reports.FIFA, which is still reeling from its corruption scandal, has only managed to sell one of twenty regional sponsorship slots so far.

Unlike many of its contemporaries, Bustle Digital Group, says it is on track to increase revenue 50% this year to around $US45 million, the Wall Street Journal reports. The four-year-old news and culture outlet aimed at young women stands apart from other digital publishers including BuzzFeed and Vice, who are both set to miss targets this year.

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