What you need to know in advertising today

If you spend any time on Twitter and follow any media industry people, you’ll often come away dizzy and fairly certain that every media company is buying everyone.

It started a year ago when AT&T announced it had reached an agreement to buy Time Warner. Things really turned upside down when 21st Century Fox — just three years after trying to buy Time Warner — signalled it wanted to sell some assets to Disney.

Then on Thursday, it was reported that Comcast may buy some of Fox. Or Verizon may. And of course, President Donald Trump may not allow AT&T to buy Time Warner. The Federal Communications Commission is potentially loosening media ownership rules. Net neutrality may go away.

Confused yet? Business Insider talked to a slew of industry experts and investors to break down why the media industry has suddenly become “Game of Thrones” and who has the best chance to win. Click here to read more.

In other news:

There is no winning for marketers in the age of Trump, a divided America and the constant social media outrage loop. Companies like Keurig and Papa John’s increasingly seem to have no way to avoid consumer backlash.

Here’s why AT&T’s proposed $US85 billion merger with Time Warner is a bad deal for you and me. The mega media merger, who’s fate may be decided in the courts, probably means higher prices and less content access for consumers.

4 reasons why ‘Justice League’ has flopped at the box office. The much-antiquated film had a weaker opening weekend than expected, due to poor execution and bad luck.

The media ad agency veteran Rob Norman is planning to retire, reports the Wall Street Journal. The 57-year old Norman has spent over three decades at WPP, most recent serving as global chief digital officer and North American chairman for the ad buying giant GroupM.

A handful of potential buyers are kicking the tires on Rolling Stone, reports Recode. The list includes Jay Penske, owner of the trade publication Deadline, and Bustle CEO Bryan Goldberg.

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