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Papa John’s sought to distance itself from the political far-right movement that has associated itself with the pizza chain, following controversial remarks from CEO John Schnatter, who previously railed against NFL players’ national-anthem demonstrations.

Papa John’s flipped a bird to neo-Nazis in a message on Twitter on Tuesday night, while promising to “work with players and the league to find a positive way forward.”

To read more about the pizza chain’s position, click here.

In other news:

A toy startup is using YouTube get kids to beg their millennial parents for its new Star Wars kit — and defying industry trends to do it. LittleBits may be writing the new playbook for a kids media strategy, as it eschews TV for YouTube and kid influencers.

Pinterest just added new tools to its futuristic ‘Lens’ feature — here’s how they work. “Lens your Look” lets you take pictures of items in your closet and get ideas for how to wear them.

Reddit’s chief executive said the company is considering an IPO, though he didn’t say when
. He said an offering would be the “only responsible choice” for the firm.

Mozilla has launched a new version of its Firefox browser called Firefox Quantum, which is double the speed and uses 30% less memory than Google Chrome. It’s the biggest overhaul in 13 years, the company said.

DoorDash has hired ex Twitter and Groupon execs to spearhead big expansion plans. The food delivery service added former Twitter VP of engineering, Jeremy Rishel, and former VP of product at Groupon, Rajat Shroff, to its team.

A giant knob you can stick on the back of your phone is taking off with celebrities — and it’s on track to sell 30 million this year. The PopSocket, an expanding stand and phone grip, has skyrocketed in popularity and has become a top-selling smartphone accessory.

It looks like Russia used both Facebook and Twitter to interfere with the UK’s Brexit referendum
. Facebook hinted at the possibility but did not give outright confirmation, while researchers found 400 fake Twitter accounts run from Russia.

Snapchat is expanding the targeting options for its sponsored filters, Ad Age reports. While the targeting for sponsored filters was limited to location until now, they can be used to reach select audiences, based on options such as age, gender and interests moving forward.

To date, no high-level executives at ad agencies have been swept up in allegations of sexual harassment in the wake of the greater focus on the issue. Digiday takes a look at why.

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