What you need to know in advertising today

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Turns out, artificial intelligence isn’t just helpful for powering chatbots and voice assistants.

It may also be able to help brands create emotionally intelligent ads.

A suite of big name marketers like Microsoft and Gap have started relying on AI to optimise the content of their ads, tapping into ad tech startups like Persado to generate personalised ads based on the language a user is most likely to respond to.

To read more about how brands are using AI to to create personalised ads for people, click here.

In other news:

One of the world’s most powerful TV executives savaged Netflix and Amazon’s ‘insatiable greed for data-gathering.’ Charlotte Moore, the BBC’s director of content said the streaming giant is motivated by profit, rather than what’s good for audiences.

A Facebook engineer who quit after attacking its ‘intolerant’ culture wrote a 1,000-word memo revealing some of the biggest challenges facing the business. Business Insider obtained a lengthy memo Brian Amerige wrote saying goodbye to his colleagues.

Speaking of Facebook, Americans are now copying Russia and making hundreds of fake Facebook accounts to influence politics. The tech platform has taken down 559 pages and 251 accounts that were part of coordinated campaigns to influence US politics.

Walmart has cut online video deals with MGM and Eko in a bid to become an entertainment hub, the Wall Street Journal reports. First up is a remake of ‘Mr. Mum.’

Vodafone is having second thoughts about taking programmatic ad-buying in-house, Digiday reports.The shift comes three months after the advertiser said it would buy most of its online ads itself.

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