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Much of the news around Facebook of late has been negative.

The company has been pilloried by public officials and others for spreading false stories and for allowing Russian-linked groups to use its site to propagate propaganda.

A growing chorus of tech executives and investors, including several former Facebook executives, have expressed growing concern that the company’s service encourages addiction and depression, particularly among kids.

At the same time, the company’s investors have had little to complain about. Despite all the hubbub, Facebook’s financial results have just kept on getting better, pulling its stock ever higher.

Here’s what to expect later today,
when Facebook reports its fourth-quarter results after the bell.

In other news:

Speaking of Facebook, the company is banning all ads for bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs. The social network says the ban, which includes both Facebook and Instagram, is to crack down on scams.

Vice Media fired its chief digital officer and founder of its digital ad agency Carrot Creative following a sexual misconduct investigation. Mike Germano told CNN that he resigned and was not fired.

A glitch caused some iPhone users to repeatedly receive the same headline notification from CNN. CNN says it’s Apple’s problem.

Snap has debuted a new style for its Bitmoji service, called Bitmoji Deluxe. The deluxe offering has 40 skin tones (up from 25), twice as many hair colours, and 50 different hair treatment options.

Walmart is reportedly in talks to acquire a stake in Indian e-commerce firm Flipkart. Fipkart is Amazon’s biggest rival in India.

Cardi B, Anthony Hopkins, and Jeff Bezos himself star in Amazon’s new Super Bowl ad. Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, loses her voice in a new Super Bowl ad.

Droga5 has placed its chief creative officer Ted Royer on leave, and hired an independent firm to investigate him, Adweek reports. The agency did not provide further details on what the investigation is about.

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