'ALL THE HATERS, HATING A NORMAL GUY LIKE ME': Everything you need to know about the real #FakeTradie

Photo: Twitter.

Yesterday the identity of the so-called “Fake Tradie” was revealed as Andrew MacRae, a ute-driving metalworker from the Sydney suburb of Lane Cove.

#FakeTradie blew up as a hashtag on Twitter this week after the Liberal Party rolled out an ad featuring a tradesman in a hi-vis vest on a building site saying “we should stick with the current mob for a while”.

While many thought the tradie in the ad was a paid actor, the Daily Mail hunted MacRae who provided his NSW government contractor’s licence to prove the point.

His business is also registered with ASIC at a home address in Lane Cove.

Despite initially telling the Daily Mail that he’d signed a contract not to talk to the media, MacRae shed more light on the ad when he arrived home after work yesterday.

MacRae, who drives a black Holden ute and lives in a single-storey red-brick house on a main road in Lane Cove, works as a tradesman all over Sydney.

He said he got the TV gig because he was doing work at the advertising agency which put ad together.

“They said ‘hey, would you like to do an ad’ and I said ‘why not’,” MacRae told Fairfax Media.

MacRae, 50, also confirmed he is not a member of the Liberal party.

“As you can see, I’m the real deal. I’ve just got home from work, I’m knackered, I’ve been working hard all day,” he said.

“It’s interesting, all the haters, hating a normal guy like me.”

Here’s the ad which started it all.

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