10 Tech Things You Need To Know This Morning

Good morning and happy Friday!

Here’s what you need to know heading into the weekend:

1. There’s a new Gmail feature that allows anyone on Google + to email you, but there’s a way to opt out.

2. T-Mobile just ‘made me a deal I can’t refuse, and now I’m leaving Verizon behind.’

3. Amazon is testing its ability to handle physical retail with Kindle Kiosk machines.

4. Finally, an apology. Snapchat says sorry for leaked user data, and updates its app with the ability to opt out of finding friends on the platform.

5. Wired explains why cops and cable guys will be the pioneers of wearable technology.

6. Even for people who don’t like video games, the new Oculus Rift gaming headset is awesome.

7. All about bitcoin mining (and the cover art for this one is pretty fantastic, too).

8. Apple devices are finally starting to make their way into the corporate world.

9. Every edit you’ve ever made to a Facebook post is visible.

10. Can you tell the difference between a product being showcased at CES and just some random made up piece of technology? It might be harder than you think.

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