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SPECIAL REPORT: Flash Sales Will Be A $6 Billion Market
Flash sales are one of the fastest-growing e-commerce segments online. The only reason you aren’t reading about it every day is it’s been overshadowed by an even faster-growing e-commerce innovation—daily deals—but flash sales are a real, enormous market.

And one that’s been troubled lately, as layoffs at several flash sales companies have occured. Are flash sales just a flash in the pan? Or are they here to stay? Read more →


Google revenue per click

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Here Are The Key Takeaways From Google’s Big Earnings Miss
In scrambling to explain why they were wrong about Google’s quarter, most analysts are blaming “expectations” (translation: We weren’t wrong–it was you idiots who were wrong.) They’re also pointing out that the quarter wasn’t as bad as it looked. And the latter point is true. But there are still a couple of key concerns about the quarter, both of which could have long-term implications for the company. Read more → 

Yahoo cofounder Jerry Yang

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What’s Next For Yahoo? Milking Cash Off The Business
After speaking with Eric Jackson, founder of hedge fund Ironfire Capital and noted Yahoo watcher/commentator, we believe Yahoo founder Jerry Yang’s resignation from the company’s board is a tipping point for the company and its shareholders. Read more →  

Phil Schiller iPad textbook event

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Sorry, Apple’s Textbook Killer Isn’t Going To Set the Education World On Fire
Apple unveiled its much awaited “Education Announcement” and some are invariably pronouncing that they disrupted the textbook publishing industry as we know it.  However, nothing presented at this conference struck as particuarly transformative or even likely to make a big splash in the massive education market. Read more →


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eBay Revenues By Segment

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