Meet The Bill Gates Of India

Azim Premji

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Founder of Wipro Limited, Azim Premji is worth $16.8 billion today. He owns close to 80% of the soap-to-software empire. He is also chairman of India’s third-largest IT Company. But what does Mr Premji do when he’s not working? Here are five things you should know about the business tycoon.For a Good Cause: Azim Premji is responsible for the biggest act of philanthropy in India. Last December he transferred 8.6% of his stake in the company, worth about Rs. 8,846 crore (or nearly $2 billion), to the Azim Premji Foundation. The foundation focuses on providing education to underprivileged children in rural areas.

Awards: For all his contributions to society, the business mogul was awarded the Padma Vibhushan this year. It is the second highest civilian award in India.

Career Starter: Mr Premji is part of the league of billionaires who went to Stanford. He had to drop out at the age of 21, however, due to his father’s sudden demise. About 30 years later though, he went back to complete his education and was successful in getting his electrical engineering degree.

Gift to Indian Education: The Azim Premji University, another initiative by the Wipro founder, began its first academic year very recently. The generous man plans to make it a world class university that provides the ultimate in teacher training. Spread across 75 acres, the university will offer three postgraduate programs – MA in education, MA in teacher education and MA in development studies.

Indian Bill Gates: Often called India’s version of Bill Gates, he plans on giving most of his wealth away as well. Even if he does decide to set aside a small portion for his kids, it will be enough to last them a few lifetimes.

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