What you can rent for $3,500 a month in San Francisco

Mission and 8th sfZumperA $US3,600 apartment in SoMa.

San Francisco continues to earn the dubious honour of being the most expensive rental market in the country.

According to the most recent analysis by real estate marketplace Zumper, the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco has climbed to an all-time high of $US3,460 a month.

To give you a better idea of what the median rent will get you, Zumper helped us compile a list of apartments that rent for around $US3,500 in various San Francisco neighborhoods.

In the Mission, San Francisco's former working-class hood turned hipster haven, $3,500 will get you a luxury condo with high-tech appliances.

Rent: $US3,450/month

Neighbourhood: Mission

The 645-square-foot unit has radiant floor heating and an energy-efficient dishwasher.

This apartment in Hayes Valley, another newly hip zone, has hardwood floors and a spacious living room.

Rent: $US3,350/month

Neighbourhood: Hayes Valley

The location is convenient for public transit, but there's no on-site parking. The kitchen appliances look new.

In Hayes Valley, you also can get a two-level unit with one bedroom and an office.

Rent: $US3,595/month

Neighbourhood: Hayes Valley

There's an in-unit washer and dryer, but parking isn't included.

This apartment in Cow Hollow was renovated recently. The neighbourhood is filled with upwardly mobile young professionals.

Rent: $US3,200/month

Neighbourhood: Cow Hollow

There doesn't appear to be a dishwasher or laundry machine, but there are great views of the Bay from the deck.

In the Pacific Heights, $3,500 gets you 850 square feet in a doorman building. Your neighbours would include wealthy and famous people like Larry Ellison, Danielle Steel, and Jony Ive.

Rent: $US3,500/month

Neighbourhood: Pacific Heights

Amenities include an on-site laundry facility, gym, and swimming pool.

$3,500 a month will get you an 813-square-foot unit in Lower Pacific Heights.

Rent: $US3,500/month

Neighbourhood: Lower Pacific Heights

The unit has a carpeted bedroom and stainless steel kitchen appliances. Access to the fitness center and a parking spot is available for an extra fee.

This $3,500 apartment in Noe Valley has carpet and a patio. A lot of tech workers with families live in that neighbourhood, and it's really walkable.

Rent: $US3,500/month

Neighbourhood: Noe Valley

The unit is located on the ground floor. The kitchen and bathroom were recently updated.

For $200 more in Noe Valley, you can have a 'short walk to several tech buses.'

Rent: $US3,700/month

Neighbourhood: Noe Valley

This apartment is perched on the top of a hill and has a lovely balcony. In-unit laundry is another perk.

The median rent gets you a modern apartment in Russian Hill, one of San Francisco's older and prettier neighborhoods.

Rent: $US3,599/month

Neighbourhood: Russian Hill

This luxury building has lots of amenities, including housekeeping services, laundry facilities, and views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

$3,600 gets you a modern construction and proximity to tech buses in SoMa, where a lot of tech startups have their homes.

Rent: $US3,600/month

Neighbourhood: SoMa

The building has a large deck, free housekeeping, a gym, and a jacuzzi. Plus, a tech shuttle stop is only two blocks away, according to the listing.

Rent for this sleek condo in South Beach, near the baseball stadium, is slightly below the median for the city.

Rent: $US3,350/month

Neighbourhood: South Beach

According to the listing, this apartment would make a 'great urban pied-a-terre.' Granite countertops in the kitchen were imported from Italy.

$3,500 gets a luxury apartment in the Marina, one of the yuppiest neighborhoods in the city.

Rent: $US3,559/month

Neighbourhood: Marina

The bedroom looks a little small, but the rest of the apartment looks updated and modern.

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