Here's What Median Rent Will Get You In Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley may be the center of the tech world, but finding a place to live there can be tough.

Gentrification brought on by the tech boom has drastically driven up housing prices, so much so that the area has become unaffordable for many.

In Menlo Park, for example, home to Facebook HQ, the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $US2,300 a month.

Our friends at Zumper helped us compile a list of one-bedroom apartments you can rent for around the median price in six Silicon Valley cities: Palo Alto, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Cupertino, Menlo Park, and San Jose.

These luxury apartments are less than a mile from Apple HQ.

Rent: $US2,146 - $US2,428/month

Neighbourhood: Cupertino

The complex has a variety of floor plans varying in price. A swimming pool, sand volleyball court, and laundry center are among its amenities.

$2,400 gets you a 650-square-foot apartment in Menlo Park.

Rent: $US2,395/month

Neighbourhood: Menlo Park

The kitchen has a dishwasher and garbage disposal, and the complex has its own swimming pool.

In Mountain View, you'll get a comfortable place with some amenities.

Rent: $US2,137 - $US2,375/month

Neighbourhood: Mountain View

The kitchen may be a bit small, but there's a nice fitness center and a swimming pool.

This 600-square-foot apartment is a 10-minute drive from the Googleplex.

Rent: $US2,200/month

Neighbourhood: Mountain View

It has brand-new stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, plus the living room looks spacious.

This Palo Alto apartment has a fairly large living room.

Rent: $US2,700/month

Neighbourhood: Crescent Park, Palo Alto

It also has a shared laundry room and extra storage in the basement.

This older-looking apartment in Palo Alto has some modern appliances.

Rent: $US2,500/month

Neighbourhood: Downtown Palo Alto

It may not have a dishwasher, but you do get access to a covered parking spot.

This pleasant apartment complex has a small swimming pool.

Rent: $US2,595/month

Neighbourhood: Midtown Palo Alto

Ground-floor apartments open onto a nice courtyard area.

You'll get a bit more for your money in San Jose.

Rent: $US1,825 - $US1,933/month

Neighbourhood: Downtown San Jose

One-bedroom apartments in this complex have up to 819 square feet of space, and the ceilings are 15 feet tall.

These San Jose apartments were just remodeled.

Rent: $US1,849/month

Neighbourhood: San Jose

Each unit has a washer, dryer, and new appliances. There's also a saltwater pool on the premises.

This San Jose apartment seems fairly spacious.

Rent: $US1,750/month

Neighbourhood: San Jose

Amenities include covered parking and a nice pool.

This apartment has a nice kitchen area.

Rent: $US1,795/month

Neighbourhood: Anderson West, San Jose

There seems to be a good amount of space, but utilities aren't included.

In Santa Clara, try a Mediterranean-inspired home for $2,000 a month.

Rent: $US1,882 - $US2,145/month

Neighbourhood: Santa Clara

The complex has different floor plans at varying prices, plus a pool and a fitness center.

You can get 700 square feet in Santa Clara.

Rent: $US1,969 - $US2,244/month

Neighbourhood: Santa Clara

These apartments are convenient to nearby hiking trails and each have their own balcony.

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