Now Everyone Is Wondering If Romney Will Go Back To Wall Street

Mitt Romney

Photo: AP

Now that the Presidential race is over, the speculation race has begun.The NYT has a fly-around on what Mitt Romney will do next. His first priority is to secure positions for the 400 individuals who worked tirelessly on his campaign by the end of November.

After that, who knows?

Obviously, he could back to Wall Street. Hedge fund legend Julian Robertson (a campaign supporter) once offered Romney a $30 million job running his firm, Tiger Management and has recently said that he’s a “hot commodity” to him.

People close to Romney have said that he’s turned down equally heft pay packages from private equity and other Wall Street firms before.

From the NYT:

But his friends can envision him pecking away at opinion articles for major newspapers, a passion for Mr. Romney, who is known to tap them out on his BlackBerry on the beach or on a plane whenever inspiration strikes.

Turning out a book has become a familiar ritual for Mr. Romney, a former English major who prides himself on his writing. He produced “Turnaround,” a look at his role turning around the Olympics, in 2004, and “No Apology,” a political manifesto, in 2010.

A book about the election? Bring it on! We can’t wait to read it.

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