Here’s What’s Going To Happen To Darwin, The Stylish Ikea Monkey

IKEA Monkey

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The internet is swooning today over an incredibly stylish monkey that was found wandering around an Ikea store in Toronto.The little guy, named Darwin, is a seven-month-old rhesus macaque monkey, the National Post reports.

What’s going to happen to Darwin?

He has been taken away from his owners by Toronto’s Animal Services, since the animal is prohibited under Toronto law. Reports describe his state as “agitated,” but OK, after his ordeal in the Ikea.

The owners are from Montreal, and didn’t know that the animal was illegal in Toronto. They’ve been given a $240 fine, and have signed over custody of Darwin to the folks at Animal Services.

Animal Services will now try to find him “appropriate” home, according to the National Post. That’s likely an animal sanctuary.

For now, Darwin’s being taken care of by Animal Services.