Here's what Britain's European referendum ballot will probably look like

We may have just found the ballot paper British citizens will use to decide whether or not to leave the EU.

This preview of the ballot paper is taken from the draft legislation that lays out how the referendum will be held. Draft legislation is a first step for something to become law. So, barring any significant changes, this is likely the format it will take:

Notice that instead of using the words “yes” and “no,” the ballot paper uses “stay” and “remain.”

Originally the question was going to be “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?” with voters given a the choices of yes and no for an answer. But the electoral commission, the body that sets the standards for elections, tested the question and found that the question was perceived by some to be biased in favour of the “yes” response.

The referendum is expected to be held as soon as this summer, with the government’s preference to hold the referendum on June 28 according to reports.

For comparison, here’s what the ballot paper looked like in 1975 when Britain voted to stay in the “European community.”

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