What's Next For Boxee?

New York-based Web video software startup Boxee raised $6 million in August. (Boxee makes it easier to watch Web video on your computer or hacked Apple TV box. In the future, it’ll be on set-top boxes, and ideally, your cable box.) Yesterday, the company announced that it has hired a new head of product, CollegeHumor cofounder Zach Klein.

What’s next for Boxee and its 600,000 users? Founder and CEO Avner Ronen explains:

  • Roll out Boxee in “beta” preview mode — it’s in rough “alpha” mode now.
  • Get more content into Boxee. It recently added MLB.TV’s live baseball service.
  • Get Boxee on more devices, but not develop any hardware. (At least a couple devices next year.)
  • Hire someone to negotiate with consumer electronics companies.
  • Increase Boxee’s user base to 3 million users by the end of 2010.


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