13 Things We Wish Apple's Siri Could Do


Siri has captured the imagination of new iPhone 4S owners.

The voice-powered personal assistant can manage your calendar, set an alarm, search the web, and even do maths for you, simply by listening to you speak.

It’s an impressive piece of technology, but we want more out of it.

Here’s our (perfectly reasonable) list of requests for what Siri should be able to do in the future.

Make restaurant reservations

When Siri was a standalone app, it had this capability with OpenTable integration. It has unfortunately been lost now that it's part of iOS 5.

Tweet with your voice

iOS 5 already offers core-level Twitter integration. We want to be able to tweet just by speaking, and to have Siri understand Twitter handles and hashtags.

Facebook integration

You can already send and receive text messages with Siri -- why not extend this to Facebook messages and wall posts? We'd also love to have Siri manage our Facebook events by adding them to our calendar.

Extend the functionality of Reminders

The Reminders app is already geo-sensitive. What if it could trigger reminders based on who you're near using the Find My Friends feature? For example, 'Remind me that Tony owes me $5 the next time I see him.'

Launch apps with your voice

If you've got a clogged home screen, why not save a few seconds instead of manually browsing to Angry Birds?

Airline integration

'Siri, find me a flight to Las Vegas tomorrow.'

Again, this functionality was present in the Siri app, but is now missing.

The ability to understand nicknames

Siri will only understand names as they appear in your Contacts. So there's no shortening 'Jeffrey' to 'Jeff' unless you enter it as 'Jeff' in the first place. We'd love to be able to teach Siri to understand multiple names for the same person.

Buy movie tickets

Siri can already tell you which movies are playing nearby. Why not take it one step further and arrange ticket purchasing with your voice?

Voice check-ins for the Foursquare addict

If you're glued to Foursquare all day, it'd great to simply say 'Check me in at work,' or 'Check me in at the coffee shop,' and have Siri do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

Apple TV integration

Dennis Crowley of Foursquare writes:

'Whoa, just realised how awesome it's gonna be when Apple builds Siri into TV. 'Find me a movie to watch. Record Daily Show, etc.'

Instapaper integration

In his own Siri wish list, Steven Sande describes how much he wants to have Siri work with Instapaper. Imagine being able to say, 'Get me 10 articles about terraforming Mars,' and then the 10 most popular articles about the subject are automatically pulled into Instapaper.

Dave Smith of the International Business Times imagines a 'morning paper' function that would help you carry out your preferred routine as you start your day. Siri could help you automatically check Twitter, news, email, or whatever else you want.

Integration with Fashism

Fashism is the site that gives you crowdsourced advice on what you're wearing. With Siri, you could ask, 'How does this look?' Siri would take a photo, send it automatically to Fashism and come back with an answer as soon as Fashism's users had weighed in. It would make getting dressed in the morning much easier.

Note: Business Insider deputy editor Joe Weisenthal is married to Fashism founder Brooke Moreland.

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