The menswear guide to dressing for Zoom this summer: We asked top style experts to pick the 12 perfect shirts, pants, and style accessories for those hot summer months

Zoom style is the new summer style, as the pandemic continues to sweep through the United States. 10’000 Hours/Getty Images
  • Business Insider spoke to top stylists to create the ultimate menswear guide on dressing for Zoom.
  • Many of the stylists we spoke to agreed that wearing professional collared shirts, in either navy blue or white, is best for giving off a professional look, even behind the screen.
  • But others suggested people use this time to show their personality and recommended everything from Hawaiian T-shirts to Gucci diamond blazers.
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It’s official: Zoom style is the new summer style. But just because remote work and virtual happy hours have become the new normal doesn’t mean sweatpants and old pajama shirts become the new go-to.

Instead, top stylists agree that this is the time to invest in quality clothes, create a new professional look, and try out items that can better show off your personality.

“This is a time for people to add more of who they are and what they stand for into their wardrobe; they get a chance to show themselves as a more well-rounded person with a full lifestyle,” Silicon Valley stylist Victoria Hitchcock told Business Insider.

“We need to remember that those of us who are working are fortunate, and to show that we understand that there are bigger issues than how we look on the screen right now,” she continued. “So hitting that balance between putting thought into what you wear, showing respect for your audience, and those who are not so fortunate now, without turning yourself out too perfectly, is a way of communicating that you ‘get it.'”

To help readers out, Business Insider spoke to top industry stylists – from Silicon Valley to Hollywood to New York City – and put together the perfect menswear guide to Zoom dressing. Keep reading to see what the experts had to say.

Fashion consultant Christopher Lacy told Business Insider that wearing a navy jersey short-sleeved shirt is a good way to look “slick” for a Zoom call.

Pictured: COS Jersey Short Sleeved Shirt. COS Stores

Item details:
COS Jersey Short Sleeved Shirt

Price: $US69

“This is not just a summer essential but a perfect look for Zoom calls,” Lacy said. “This shirt always makes you look as though you actually care about the Zoom meeting and requires no ironing because of the jersey fabric. So a quick throw on and just as easily throw it off when the call is done. I prefer Navy because I think it looks slick but if you like to show some personality the grey/blue colour block is sure to liven up any zoom call.”

Silicon Valley stylist Victoria Hitchcock said that a men’s shirt with a Hawaiian design helps add personality to a Zoom conference.


Item details:
Hawaiian designed Mix it up /artsy Retro Tori Richards Men’s Shirt in Birdcage Wisteria

Price: $US125

“The shirt is interestingly detailed, in a silk-screened old school way. Virtually soothing to look at, even if you’re not feeling it. Solid with elements of the added visual texture,”Hitchcock told Business Insider. “I’m a big believer in sharing hints of your life passions with style elements when creating a personal brand in business. Especially while working remotely.”

When it comes to styling your ‘do, Hitchcock recommends R+CO neon light dry oil spray.


Item details:
R+CO neon light dry oil spray

Price: $US29

“It creates that angelic halo effect every man needs,” Hitchcock said. “Often I insist male clients add lustre to hair and beards for a healthy polished video image that signal brightness.”

Celebrity stylists Wayman + Micah recommended a structured cotton shirt in either white or blue, both of which are “great traditional colours” for professional settings.

Pictured: Hugo Boss structured cotton shirt. Hugo Boss

Item details:
Hugo Boss Slim structured cotton shirt with Stand collar in either white or blue.

Price: $US88

“This Hugo Boss shirt provides a sharp clean feel with a less traditional feel provided by its collarless neckline, making it more inviting,” Wayman and Micah told Business Insider.

Silicon Valley stylist Kimberly Gant recommends a nice zip hoodie as a wardrobe staple.

Pictured: All Saints Zip Hoodie in Black. All Saints

Item details:
All Saints, Mode Merion Zip Hoodie in black

Price: $US135

“This dressed-up version of a hoodie is slim cut and lightweight,” Gant told Business Insider. “Since many guys can run warm, its thin merino wool make-up will keep them cooler in varying climates and intense meetings. The black shade is versatile and can be slimming on screen. Pair it half-zipped with a tee and jeans for a modern clean look or over a button-down for a casual sporty look.”

To stay comfortable during long virtual sessions, Gant also recommends the Lululemon ABC Jogger.


Item details:
Lululemon, ABC Jogger in Obsidian

Price: $US128

“While these pants likely won’t show up on your Zoom call, they will play a supporting role in keeping you stylish and comfortable,” Gant said.“These are some of my client’s favourite joggers given the tailored cut, stretch, and flexibility. They come in three lengths so you should have the perfect fit out of the box. Pair them with a v-neck sweater for a clean look or layer it with a deconstructed sport coat.”

Music-industry stylist Alexander Allen offered up a bit of personality: A patterned logo Gucci blazer.


Item details:
A Gucci Diamond Jacquard Blazer in multicolor

Price: $US1,578

“You can also choose a solid-coloured blazer in turquoise, fuchsia, or pistachio if one prefers solids,” Allen told Business Insider. “I love these options, as you can dress it up with a white dress shirt or with a white t-shirt/v-neck. The pattern and colours that I chose are apropos for the spring/summer season.”

Meanwhile, celebrity stylist Philippe Uter says a comfortable sweater will make for a comfortable Zoom session.

Pictured, the Jacquemus Tie-Dyed Ribbed-Knit Cotton Sweater for $US675. Mr. Porter

Item details: A Jacquemus Tie-Dyed Ribbed-Knit Cotton Sweater in either tie-dye or yellow/beige

Price: Tie-Dye ($US675) and Yellow ($US610)

“I personally wear the lavender, but the beige is super nice too,” Uter told Business Insider. “It is a perfect combo between comfy and fashion. I love wearing effortless pieces and this is totally it. Nice cut, masculine but with a touch of delicacy.”

And fashion stylist Ashley Furnival says a denim shirt from APC makes for a cool and understated look.


Item details:
APC Victor Overshirt in Denim

Price: $US132

“I like this denim shirt for men because APC always does cool, understated, well-cut men’s clothes. This is a bit heavier, so you can wear it over a tee and throw it off after your meeting – or button it up and roll up the sleeves for a more business casual look,” Furnival told Business Insider.

“You want to stay away from crazy bright colours, patterns, and prints in your garments on a video chat,” she continued. “Black and white can either make you look like a big blob or wash you out, while some patterns can moire and big prints can be distracting. Blue is calming and has been known to indicate confidence and intellect. This is why blue is always recommended for wearing to an interview.”

The styling-duo Wendi & Nicole says a cashmere crew makes for a “classic” look.

Pictured: Cashmere Crew from Vince. Vince

Item details:
Cashmere Crew from Vince in either black or navy

Price: $US345

“The cashmere crew is effortlessly luxurious and classic,”Wendi & Nicole told Business Insider. “The crew neck is a perfect frame for the face.”

And fashion consultant Adele Cany told Business Insider that a polo shirt is the perfect mixture of “leisure and elegance.”


Item details:
Tom Ford polo in either green or grey

Price: $US198

“It is the perfect mix between leisure and elegance,” Cany told Business Insider. “It is also Zoom appropriate.”

Finally, stylist Andrew Gelwicks says a crisp, clean white poplin shirt will help men feel “confident” on Zoom calls.

Pictured: Carmichael Solid Poplin Shirt, tie not included Jonathan Mezibov

Item details:
Jonathan Mezibov Carmichael Solid Poplin Shirt in white

Price: $US195

“Jonathan Mezibov’s dress shirts are cut to perfection and make every man feel confident and look spectacular,” Gelwicks told Business Insider. “Just as with women, men want to keep it simple for their wardrobe as well. Go classic with a crisp button-down. Tie optional, though certainly not required.”