Guys, here's your complete game plan for conquering Winter Storm Jonas in style

An enormous storm of epic proportions is bearing down on the East Coast this weekend. Now is not the time to worry whether your shoes and belt match.

Every guy needs a game plan to conquer this unfriendly weather. Whether you have prior obligations and need to go out for some reason, or your schedule just includes a hell of a lot of Netflix, here’s what you should wear to brave the elements.

Going out

It’s a blizzard. That means that if you’re planning on braving the weather for any reason, it’s time to break out the biggest, heaviest, downiest parka you own.

Pair that with some gloves that can actually break the wind, and your absolute toughest snow boots, and you may just have a chance at making it to your destination in one piece.

Here’s what you should wear so that you don’t turn into an icicle:

Pictured, from left to right — Parka: Canada Goose ($825), Gloves: J. Crew ($98), Hat: Filson ($85), Boots: LL Bean ($169)

Staying in

If you have nowhere to be, it’s time to slip into your sweatpants and the softest sweaters in your drawer, and hunker down with some quality TV. Binge watch that show you’ve always been meaning to get to, set the slow cooker on low, and just wait for the all-clear.

Here’s what you should be wearing so that your “Netflix and chill” session doesn’t turn into “Netflix and freeze”:

Pictured, from left to right — Wool socks: The Worker’s Club ($40), Sweatpants: Uniqlo ($30), Cotton sweater: J. Crew ($170)

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