It took me 24 hours to fly from Guam to New York, and there are 6 items I wish I had brought in my carry-on and 6 I couldn't have survived without

Joey Hadden/InsiderI wish I had these 6 things in my carry-on, but I would have been completely lost without these other flight essentials on this long flight.
  • Knowing exactly what to pack in your carry-on for a long haul flight can be tricky. You only have so much room in your bag, but going without your carry-on essentials on a long flight can be excruciating.
  • When I travelled recently with United Airlines from Guam to New York, it took about 24 hours including layovers.
  • While I made sure to pack everything I needed to stay entertained during my flights, I didn’t think to pack overnight essentials like a toothbrush or deodorant.
  • Since this is a trip I plan to take often, I made a list of things I’m glad I brought in my carry-on bag and other things I longed for during this 3-leg trip.
  • I’ll be sure to bring everything on this long-haul flight packing list next time, and you can, too.
  • Here are 12 things you should bring in your carry-on for your next long-haul flight.
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When I flew from Guam to New York, it took 24 hours and included three flights and two layovers.

Joey Hadden/InsiderI flew from Guam to Hawaii to Texas to New York.

I brought everything I needed to keep myself busy for such a long trip …

Joey Hadden/InsiderI brought entertainment essentials.

… but there are some items that would have made the trip more comfortable without taking up much more space in my carry-on.

Joey Hadden/InsiderI was uncomfortably sweaty in Hawaii.

I wish I brought my refillable water bottle with me on this trip. I didn’t because I thought it would take up too much space in my bag …

Joey Hadden/InsiderI bought this refillable water bottle in the San Francisco airport and I’ve been using it ever since.

… but I didn’t think about the fact that hydration is a necessity, and I’d need to purchase a plastic water bottle during my trip anyway. The air on flights is also very dehydrating, and I felt that acutely on this trip.

Joey Hadden/InsiderI could have saved the environment and $US4, but I didn’t.

Source: Insider

So I’m glad I brought lip balm to keep my lips from getting dry.

GlossierI prefer Glossier’s Balm Dotcom to keep my lips moisturized.

But there are other toiletries I wish I had with me, like lotion, which was provided in the bathroom on one of my flights but not the other two.

Joey Hadden/InsiderMy flight from Guam to Hawaii had hand cream and face mist in the bathroom.

I don’t normally go 24 hours without brushing my teeth, and if you don’t either, I’d suggest bringing a toothbrush.

Ross D. Franklin/AP ImagesI sure wish I had a toothbrush.

Being in and out of slumber all day made my mouth taste and smell bad. I wish I had tossed my toothbrush into my carry-on for this trip.

Joey Hadden/Business InsiderMy teeth on a fresher day.

But at least I had gum — though it didn’t satisfy my craving for fresh, clean teeth.

BlinkAndMissIt/FlickrHaving gum also kept my ears popping when taking off and landing on each flight.

I knew I’d get sweaty since I was travelling through tropical climates, so I’m glad I brought a change of clothes.

Joey Hadden/InsiderI brought a fresh t-shirt and undergarments.

Changing during my layover in Hawaii made me feel a little fresher for my next flight …

Joey Hadden/InsiderI felt fresher after changing.

… but deodorant would have made me feel even cleaner. I’ll grab a stick next time I make this trek.

Volkova Vera/ShutterstockI wish I brought deodorant with me in my carry-on.

I wish I brought Advil, too. Dry air on planes can cause migraines, according to Business Insider.

Crystal Cox/Business InsiderAdvil would have minimized my headaches.

Source: Business Insider

And I definitely experienced some headaches throughout my trip.

Joey Hadden/Business InsiderOuch.

Thankfully my step-grandma gifted me this neck pillow for Christmas.

Joey Hadden/InsiderI don’t know how I ever flew without a neck pillow.

It’s not your average neck pillow — it wraps around your neck 1.5 times. This makes it much easier to find a comfortable position to sleep in a tiny plane seat.

Joey Hadden/InsiderI’ll never fly without a neck pillow again.

But a sleep mask would have been a total game-changer. If I had one of these, I’m sure I would have been able to nap on all three of my flights.

iStockIf I had a sleep mask, I could have pretended I was home in bed.

Since I wasn’t able to nap, it’s a good thing I brought my own iPad with movies and shows downloaded on it. None of my flights had tablets on the backs of seats, so this was a necessity.

Joey Hadden/InsiderMy uncle gave me this iPad the day before I left for Guam and it saved my life.

I also downloaded magazine issues to read because I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with just TV as entertainment for 24 hours.

Joey Hadden/InsiderI downloaded six issues of the New Yorker for my trip.

With all this power being used, I’m also glad I brought an external battery to charge my phone and iPad.

Eduardo Munoz/ReutersMy external battery came in handy on this trip.

Lastly, I’m really glad I brought my own meal for the first flight.

Joey Hadden/InsiderKing’s is a local favourite on Guam.

Although it’s a pretty long flight, travelling from Guam to Hawaii isn’t technically flying internationally, so United Airlines flights won’t provide a free meal.

Joey Hadden/InsiderI had fried rice and pancakes.

Source: Business Insider

Having a heavy meal on my first flight also helped put me right to sleep.

Joey Hadden/Business InsiderI took a nap during my first flight.

With a career in New York and a family on Guam, I’ll be taking this trip pretty frequently throughout my life.

Joey Hadden/Business InsiderMy family at the airport on Guam.

And I’ll definitely bring these additional items in my carry-on in the future to make for a nicer travelling experience.

Joey Hadden/InsiderI’ll never make this trek without these items again.

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