What To Expect From The Big Google Music Announcement Tomorrow

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Google’s Android team is hosting an event in Los Angeles tomorrow at 5 pm ET where it’s expected to launch its music download store, eight years after Apple revolutionised the music business with iTunes.Here’s what to expect:

  • Not all the big record labels will be participating. Last week, AllThingsD and CNET said only EMI and Universal were on board, but a report this afternoon from the Wall Street Journal says that all the majors except Warner will be on board. That means no music from any of these artists. That immediately puts the Google Music store in a big hole versus iTunes, Amazon MP3, and every streaming music service out there.
  • No scan and match. The Journal also reports that Google Music will NOT have a “scan and match” service like iTunes Match, which looks at your library and lets you stream songs from the Internet to our devices without having to upload them first. Instead, the locker on Google Music will continue to work as it does today, meaning you’ll have to upload everything manually.
  • Free music sharing. We had heard that there will be some kind of free music sharing involved, and now the Journal is confirming that, saying that users will be able to listen to songs posted by friends on Google+ once or twice.

We’ll be covering the announcement as it happens tomorrow at 5pm ET.

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