The Next iPhone Will Be Much Much Faster

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Daring Fireball’s John Gruber has a long post about what he expects to happen at Apple’s (AAPL) worldwide developer’s conference this June. It’s worth reading if you have the time. If you don’t, here’s the gist:

Would Wager Heavily Upon: A next-generation iPhone to be released in July, with roughly double the CPU horsepower and an improved video-capable camera, with 16 and 32 GB storage capacities.

Would Wager a Small Amount Upon: New iPhone prices at $199/299 for 16/32 GB; 256 MB RAM on new iPhones; existing stock of current iPhone 3Gs sold at a discount through Apple’s web site. (Also, in Mac news, I’d bet a small amount on a refresh to Apple’s notebook lineup, with a branding change where the “MacBook Pro” designation is used for all aluminium models,1 and just plain non-Pro “MacBook” is used for plastic models.)

Would Wager a Sandwich Upon: Improved battery life for the new iPhone, despite the beefier CPU.

Would Wager Heavily Against: Anything at all related to the in-the-works tablet thingmajig. Not going to happen at WWDC.

Would Not Wager Upon, But, Well, I’ve Heard Things: An “iPhone Mini”, with hardware roughly three-fourths the height and width of existing iPhones. I expect to see something along these lines sooner than later, but I do not believe it’s going to debut this July alongside the new flagship iPhones.

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