The US Open Is Planning A Delicious, Gourmet Menu For This Year's Tournament

Beginning on August 26th, the US Open will need to feed over 700,000 people over the course of just 15 days.

It’s the world’s highest-attended annual sporting event, and it’s also one of the most high-brow. The USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens will be filled to the brim with spectators and guests, all of whom are expecting to eat well.

US Open Executive Chef Jim Abbey and his expert 250-person culinary team will be joined by Celebrity Chefs Masaharu Morimoto, Tony Mantuano, and David Burke, all of whom will bring their best offerings to this year’s menu. Guests will be able to choose from a number of options at any of the 5 restaurants, 60 concession stands, and 100 suites on the grounds.

The USTA held a food tasting preview, where each of the chefs spoke about the importance of crafting healthful and flavorful menu options using locally-sourced ingredients with an emphasis on fresh produce. You can see photos of some of the food after the jump.

The Grey Goose Honey Deuce (complete with honeydew melon 'tennis' balls) is the signature cocktail of the US open. Made with Grey Goose vodka, lemonade, and splash of raspberry liqueur, it's light and fruity without being overwhelmingly sweet.

Left to right: Chefs Tony Mantuano, David Burke, Masaharu Morimoto and US Open Executive Chef Jim Abbey will be joined by a culinary team of 250+ people.

Players will be able to dine in the Balance Kitchen, which will feature gluten-free sandwiches as well as a juice, smoothie, and chocolate milk bar.

The Balance Kitchen is dedicated to the health and wellness of each player, with made-to-order options and fresh produce daily.

Celebrity Chef Masaharu Morimoto of Nobu fame will be contributing to this year's menu with a wide array of sushi options.

His offerings will include a variety of high-quality artisan sushi made by his skilled staff.

Chef Morimoto has chosen to pair fattier, oilier fish with spicy toppings so as to bring out the flavour of the fish.

Chef Tony Mantuano has crafted several menu options inspired by his book 'Wine Bar Food'. 6 different wines will be available by the glass.

Chef Mantuano sang the praises of his Salumi Antipasto, which includes marinated artichokes and tomatoes paired with fresh-baked rosemary breadsticks.

Specials from Hill Country Barbecue Market will also be featured at the Open - here you can see their famous Texas Tenders, which are skinless strips of chicken breast that are brined in buttermilk and fresh herbs before being hand-battered.

Hill Country will also feature a selection of their seasonal pie cups. At front you can see their Cowboy Pie Cub, made with dark chocolate, butterscotch, and toasted pecans.

Celebrity Chef David Burke of Top Chef Masters brought his New York Minute Steak Salad, made with tender strip steak and fresh greens.

Burke will also feature his patented Dry-Aged Bone-In Ribeye Steak from Pat La Frieda Meat Purveyors.

One of Burke's gluten-free options is the Grilled Portabella Burger, which is stuffed with ratatouille, low-fat mozzarella, roasted peppers, and chipotle mayo.

His rich, bite-sized cheesecake lollipops topped with bubble gum whipped cream were a huge hit as well.

Fresca Mexicana will be offering a sampler platter with shrimp and scallop ceviche, smoked pork bocaditos, goat cheese, and spicy tomato fondue with roasted corn and crab dip.

All of the chefs placed a heavy emphasis on the importance of feeding both players and attendees with fresh, high-quality food. This year's menu is sure to impress.

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