What to do when you find out your employees hate you

There are tons of subtle (and not too subtle) signs your employees dislike you.

If you’ve noticed that they avoid you at all costs, can’t maintain eye contact, or stop smiling the minute you enter the room, you may want to evaluate what you’re doing wrong.

Of course, sometimes personalities simply clash and it’s nobody’s fault. But if more than one employee seems to despise you, you’ll probably want to take a good look in the mirror and do everything you can to turn the situation around.

Why? For starters, being a disliked boss is bad for everyone: you, your employees, and your company. It can hurt your reputation; slow down productivity; impede employees’ creativity; impact happiness levels among staffers; and hurt business overall.

If you’re fairly certain your employees hate you, here’s what you can do:

Start praising employees for their great work more frequently.

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According to a recent Gallup study of 7,200 adults, about half of all US employees have left a job at some point to get away from their boss. But a 2013 CareerBuilder study found that 50% of respondents would be enticed to stay with a company if they received more recognition.

'Take the time to both privately and publicly praise your employees and recognise their efforts -- when it's sincerely warranted,' says Kerr. 'This is just good practice anyways for any boss, but being extra intentional about employees that might be uncomfortable around you, is critical. Just make sure the praise is warranted or it will come across as a desperate or cloying strategy to win over favours.'

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