11 chefs share the one food they always buy at Whole Foods

John Leyba/The Denver Post via Getty ImagesThe cheese counter is a favourite.
  • We asked chefs what they get at Whole Foods.
  • Some swore by the cheese.
  • Others love the pizza.

Chefs are experts in the kitchen, so it’s always fascinating to know what they decide to pick up on their grocery runs. Many swear by Whole Foods, known for its healthy and varied selections.

But, if you are a Whole Foods newbie, and aren’t sure as to what to pick up at this store, we asked a handful of chefs about the things they always get when they shop at Whole Foods. From organic butter to avocados, here are some must-have food essentials worth writing down on your shopping list.

One chef swears by Whole Foods avocados.

“Avocados are a staple in my kitchen and in my heart,” said celebrity chef and nutritionist, Serena Poon. “I love to have homemade guacamole on hand at all times in the fridge, so fresh organic avocados are something I pick up at every visit Whole Foods.”

Another can’t get enough butter.

Flickr/Julie MagroIt has to be a specific kind too.

“I always pick up cultured organic butter (I like the Organic Valley Cultured Organic Butter) when I’m at Whole Foods, since many grocery stores don’t carry it,” said chef Brad Warner, executive chef of Bodega Negra at Dream Downtown in New York City. “Along with it, I like to grab breakfast radishes (other radishes work too), and some good-quality crackers.”

One chef thinks you should add the Whole Foods Mini Whole Wheat Pita Bread to your shopping list.

“Every time I stop into the Whole Foods by my apartment I always pick their Market Mini Whole Wheat Pita Bread,” says chef Jason Hall, executive chef at Legasea at the Moxy Time Square in New York City “Whole Foods is the only store that makes them small and fresh, and they are a much better option when you’re craving something late night than deli potato chips.”

Olive oil is a key item from Whole Foods.

Matthew Eisman/Getty ImagesThey have various kinds.

“One of my frequently purchased Whole Foods products are from their Cold Pressed Single Origin Extra Virgin Olive Oil line,” said chef Nicole Andrea Guzman. “The Seville and the Greece oils are the ones I get, and I really love the way they taste.”

The 365 Coconut Milk won’t break your budget, according to one chef.

Whole FoodsIt’s on the cheaper side.

“I try to eat as dairy-free as possible, and the Whole Foods brand coconut milk is high in quality and is very affordable,” said chef Menachem Freeman, executive chef of Anfora in New York City.

Whole Foods has plenty of vegan-friendly foods

Flickr/tomatoes and friendsThese are vegan doughnuts.

“Whole Foods has an excellent assortment of vegan cheeses, bacon, sausage, and vegan burger patties,” said chef Keith Norman, executive chef and food safety manager at the South Point Hotel Casino and Spa in Las Vegas. “We usually have Vegan guests who visit, and to give them a bit more options, I make sure to go to Whole Foods.”

You can also feed your pizza cravings at Whole Foods

“Whole Foods has awesome pizza that you can order by the inch,” says chef Sean Blomgren, executive chef at Solstice at the lodge at Spruce Peak. “You can see it being made right in front of you, and there is something truly empowering about having complete control over how much pizza you can get.”

The bulk items section at Whole Foods is truly special, according to this chef.

Flickr/Mattie BYou can get some kitchen essentials.

“I shop at Whole Foods for their vast array of bulk items,” says executive chef Keith, Breedlove, celebrity chef, owner, and operator of The Culinerdy Cruze. “My particular favourites being millet, chia seeds, textured vegetable proteins, and nutritional yeast.”

Look for herbs and seasonings to finish off your dish.

Shutterstock/Sergey MironovThese can make all the difference.

“When I shop at Whole Foods, I always get fresh herbs and some type of citrus, as I know I will utilise these ingredients in various types of dishes,” said executive chef Kevin Des Chenes, private chef and the 2015 winner of Top Celebrity Chef Showdown.

This chef swears by jackfruit.

Flickr/Robert Couse-BakerYou can get them at Whole Foods.

“I always like to shop for their jackfruit,” said chef Nick Cripps, sous chef at the JW Marriott Chicago. “Jackfruit is very versatile and can be used in a sweet or savoury method.”

The Whole Foods cheese counter has a wide variety.

INSIDERThe cheese counter is a favourite of many.

“When I’m shopping at Whole Foods I make it a point to swing by the cheese counter,” says chef Jonathan Olson, executive chef at The Keep in Columbus, Ohio. “They always have a good selection, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable (and willing to give samples!).”

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