What this 91-year-old accidental drug smuggler learned from getting caught with $1 million worth of cocaine

Victor Twartz, the 91-year-old Sydney man who has been charged with drug trafficking, has learned a valuable lesson after he fell victim to a scam laid out by a criminal drug courier syndicate.

“Bring nothing back for anyone, no matter what one is promised or offered. Bringing anything will bring trouble.”

This is now a reminder that Twartz carries around in his pocket after Australian Border Force officers found him in possession of 27 bars of soap, filled with about 4.5kg of cocaine as he arrived in Sydney Airport from New Delhi on 8 July, 2015.

The stash has a street value of more than $1 million.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Twartz was flown to Dehli by people who claimed to be from the World Bank in Switzerland, where he spent five days before bringing the soap back to Australia.

“I scraped it and it was certainly soap but there were these streaks of white stuff in between. I thought it was additional perfume or that was the style of Indian soap,” he told the SMH from his retirement village.

Since Twartz’s arrest, AFP commander David Stewart has said that at least 40 other people have been arrested in Australia over their involvement with similar groups.

Two-thirds of the people dealt with by Australian courts were eventually cleared of wrongdoing, but usually after a lengthy stint in jail.

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