What The Video Ad Industry Should Be Thankful For On Thanksgiving (Including Turducken)


The New Land and its Original Inhabitants – It all starts with the (discovery) adoption of the new land of broadband and the creation of video players and platforms that allow video to be easily distributed and viewed. We are thankful that there are video players for publishers of all sizes, from Brightcove, KickApps and Ooyala, to JW and Flowplayer.

The Pilgrims – Advertisers are the intrepid Pilgrims venturing into a new world where professional and user-generated content stand side-by-side.  hey have come to harvest an engaged audience, marrying old and new techniques on this unsettled medium. We are thankful that early results show great promise in this new world!

Turkey – The content, which makes all of this possible, is the delicious turkey meat that millions of people feast on daily. Whether it is a parent posting their son’s trip home from the dentist or ABC posting Jimmy Kimmel’s Handsome Men’s Club, we are thankful that more content gets put online everyday.

The Cranberry Sauce and the Stuffing – The Turkey is nothing without its sides. New ad formats with a keen eye toward user experience including ad selectors, “Polite” Pre-rolls and interactive overlays are the cranberry sweetness that makes users and publishers happier. Turkey also always tastes better with stuffing. Advanced targeting methods can now deliver messages in a more impactful and meaningful way based on contextual video or behaviour. We are thankful that the industry is taking notice of the evolution of new ad formats and targeting methods that make ads captivating and more relevant to the viewer

Turducken – This clearly American invention of a Turkey stuffed with a Duck stuffed with a Chicken makes us thankful for the way publishers, advertisers, and ad agencies have begun working together to really utilise the video medium in new and exciting ways adding gravy to the overall experience. (OK…I just wanted to sneak TURDUCKEN into the post)

Pumpkin Pie – The dessert is knowing that all sides of the industry are committed to making the space as efficient and effective as possible, heading into 2011 and beyond.

The scoop of ice cream on top? It’s the fact that 2010 was a year where we saw real money rolling into video advertising for all the above reasons, so here is to a great Thanksgiving and a truly happy 2011. 

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