Here's what the UK is asking Google after the Brexit

Britain voted to leave the European Union on Thursday, via a referendum that came down to the wire.

The turnout was a staggering 72.2% out of a possible 46,499,537 people who were entitled to take part in the vote. It is a record number for a poll in the United Kingdom.

Further, the vote was split almost right down the middle:

  • Leave: 51.9% with 17,410,742 votes.
  • Remain: 48.1% with 16,141,241 votes.

But, if a Google Trends analysis from Friday morning is to be believed, a distinct portion of people didn’t know what the EU is or what leaving it would mean for the UK.

Here are the top questions asked in the United Kingdom on the European Union as of 11:25 a.m. local time on Friday:

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