Here's What Stephen Colbert Is Really Like

real stephen colbert

Stephen Colbert is “an idiot” who is “wilfully ignorant.”

At least that’s how the real Stephen Colbert described the TV persona “Stephen Colbert” on Meet the Press last Sunday.

Since the “idiot” version of Stephen Colbert has a hugely popular TV show broadcasted four days a week, it’s always surprising to see the real Stephen Colbert make a public appearance.

Charles McGrath of The New York Times describes the real Colbert as “a practicing Catholic, who lives with his wife and three children in suburban Montclair, N.J., where, according to one of his neighbours, he is ‘extremely normal.'”

Throughout the years, the real Colbert has emerged and opened up about his show, character, and personal life. 

Before The Daily Show, Stephen Colbert was hired as a correspondent for Good Morning America. Below is Colbert's only segment to make it on air:

Stephen Colbert opens up to Oprah about the loss of his father and brothers

Stephen Colbert explains to Charlie Rose why he decided to pronounce his family name with a silent 't'

Stephen Colbert thanks Steve Jobs for everything

Stephen Colbert tells Anderson Cooper he bases his character off Anderson himself

In October 2007, Stephen Colbert went on Meet the Press and spoke candidly with Tim Russert about his show and character

Stephen Colbert makes another Meet the Press appearance and explains to David Gregory why he does his show

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