The MoPub Acquisition Rounds Out Twitter's Mobile Advertising Strategy Ahead Of Its IPO

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The MoPub Deal Is The Finishing Touch Twitter Needed Before Its IPO (Quartz)

Twitter recently announced its much-anticipated IPO. Four days prior to that announcement, Twitter made a bid to acquire mobile ad platform MoPub for $US350 million. MoPub allows mobile apps to determine which mobile ads are suited best for the individual user, so that the mobile app can make the most money through in-app clicks and purchases. It’s MoPub’s high-speed, ad-matching ability that provide Twitter with the missing piece to the mainstream mobile puzzle ahead of its IPO. Read >

Investors Only Want To Buy Pieces Of BlackBerry, Not The Whole Company (All Things Digital)

There are increasing reports of potential BlackBerry suitors only being interested in specific pieces of the company, not the entire company itself. These pieces include BlackBerry’s massive suite of patents as well as its mobile messaging platform BlackBerry Messenger. At its current $US5.4 billion market value, BlackBerry’s individual pieces may actually be worth more than the entire company. Essentially, BlackBerry’s sum of its parts are greater than the whole. Read >

Google Acquires Obsolete Bump Technologies (TechCrunch)

Google acquired Bump Technologies, maker of the Bump app which allows peer-to-peer file sharing by simply bumping smartphones together. Bump has essentially become obsolete over the past couple of years, and is especially obsolete compared to Apple’s upcoming AirDrop function in its iOS 7. What Google may really be after is Flock, Bump Technologies’ mobile photo sharing app. Read >

Google Glass No Longer Needs Smartphone Data Tethering Plan (Engadget)

Google Glass recently added XE9 software in the latest update which implements an Android app that pipes data to and from the hardware, eliminating the need for a data tethering plan. Telco’s may not be concerned at this point, but this may become a point of contention as Google Glass, and it’s smartphone data sharing capabilities, venture into the mainstream. Read >

Just How Connected Do You Want To Be? (GigaOm)
A contributing writer at GigaOm considers just the increased likelihood of security breaches and privacy concerns as our homes and other facets of our lives become more and more connected thanks to the Internet of things, wearables, and other new connected devices. Read >

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