What The Kids Are Stealing These Days — And What They’ll Be Buying Soon


The same record labels that complain about the epidemic of file-sharing/song-stealing also pay close attention to what songs file-sharers are swapping. Why? Because song-stealers tend to have the same tastes as song-buyers, but they tend to move faster. So if you track the what songs are moving quickly on P2P file-sharing systems, you can get a good sense of what’s will be selling in a few weeks’ time.

Online measurement firm BigChampagne has generated a “biggest movers” chart for us, which tracks which songs have had the biggest week-to-week increases on file-sharing networks. We’ve published it after the jump. Note that it doesn’t correlate at all to CD sales, because people who buy CDs aren’t buying them because there’s one good song on them. But if there’s more than one good song on them, they tend to do very well. That’s why we’re confident that Gorilla Zoe, who we’d never heard of prior to today, will be selling a lot of copies of his album Welcome To The Zoo in the coming weeks. The album, released by Warner Music Group (WMG), has two fast-moving songs on the BigChampagne chart.

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