This Is What The Inside Of An NFL Playbook Looks Like

NFL Playbook

Photo: AP

ESPN got their hands on an excerpt from an older Arizona Cardinals playbook to help illustrate just how crazy and complicated they can be.Football is a sport with its own unique vocabulary that most any layman would have a hard time deciphering upon first glance.

Take a whole bunch of those words and put them in random places in diagrams of actual plays, and in essence, you have an NFL playbook.

This is a page about a certain kind of pocket protection, focusing mostly on the opposing front seven

Here are some more blocking packages against a few different defensive alignments

Some more blocking packages

The early part of the playbook has a lot of emphasis on run blocking

Several audibles and blocking formations for only one running play

More audibles from the same play

How to properly execute an end-around

Here are some instructions just in case these professional athletes forget how to play linebacker

Do NFL players really forget how to stand on a football field?

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