What The Heck Happened To The Site?


We just made some significant changes to the site.  They mostly affect layout, but we’ve tweaked our back-end, too.  Changes like this often turn the site into a basket case, so we apologise in advance if you have trouble.  We’re also very much still in beta, so we’re grateful for your feedback.

(That’s most of us to the right, in our fancy-schmancy newsroom.  Look out, Bloomberg!)

Key Changes:

  • Launching “The Business Insider.”  If you click the “Home” tab, you’ll notice that we now have a new front page called “The Business Insider.” On this page, we will aggregate content from all of our industry verticals, as well as outside sources.  Our goal is to become one of your primary online sources of real-time business news and commentary, and this this is a strong step in that direction. (Our primary URL has also now changed to www.businessinsider.com.  This will nuke our Google ranking, but it was simpler than dealing with subdomains.  All of our old URLs will redirect automatically, so no need to worry about it.)
  • Single login across all verticals.  Yes, it’s about time.  We thank for your patience.  You can now finally comment on all of our stories and verticals with a single login.
  • Two new industry verticals.  We’re launching beta coverage of cleantech and entertainment/media. These verticals will start small, the same way SAI and Clusterstock did, but we hope to grow them rapidly. 
  • Other minor improvements.  Better search, more contact info (IM!), author pics, hot topics, etc.

  • Same old Silicon Alley Insider and Clusterstock.  Our editors haven’t gone anywhere, and we’re going to keep cranking out the same great blogs under the same names.  It will probably take us a few days to get used to the new publishing system, though, so if you see any wacko headlines or strangely cropped photos, please forgive us.

Bottom line, lots of changes, which is why we’ve been quiet for the past few hours.  There will no doubt be some bugs, and we apologise in advance for those, too. If you see anything amiss, please drop us a note.

Thanks as always for reading and contributing.  We hope you like the new site!