What The College Football Playoffs Need Is A Grass Roots Movement

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As much as I appreciate all the feedback about how to perfect a playoff system, the perfect system is not what is going to create change. The perfect system won’t be needed until we have the levers of change.The tipping point that drives the current BCS system out of business won’t come from a perfect playoff system. It won’t come by reminding university presidents that they are not maximizing the financial opportunity available to their schools and conferences. It won’t come from going to legislatures and Congress and pushing them to take action.

It won’t come from any of these elements because every stakeholder is already well aware of each and every one of these issues. They have heard them all and they have practiced their responses to them.  I have no doubt it bothers them to no end to hear continuous criticism on the subject.

There is no point in repeating what has been well chronicled with an expectation that minds will be changed.

What all of us with an interest in this subject have got to do is ask questions rather than give answers. Rather than telling University Presidents/Chancellors and Conference Commissioners what they should do, we need to ask them about things they would like to do.

The thing about education in this country is that no individual or group on any level is proclaiming that a college or university education is perfect. No one is claiming that it is perfectly priced. No one is claiming that there isn’t a long list of wonderful ideas that each President /Chancellor has on their wish list that would make their institution far, far better.

What we need to find out is what those hopes, dreams, and ideas of the schools leadership are. From those, we need to find some that we can all rally around .

Bottom line is that we need to be able to identify those aspirations that an enlightened leader can say “if you can show us how we can accomplish this goal(s) through the increased financial support a playoff system would provide, then I have no choice but to support this new system”

Then it’s up to me and the people I am working with to figure out how to make it work.

In some respects this may come across as a stretch, and even corny, but the more people I talk to, the more obvious it is that the BCS is about power. And the one thing that trumps the power someone has today, is the opportunity of power on a bigger playing field. Having a meaningful impact on the future of education is a far greater legacy and base of power for the head of a major university than having control over which bowl a team plays in.

So rather than posting your ideas on what a playoff structure might look like, tell me what you think the goals of your school’s administration are. Ask your school President what he/she dreams of for your school and would they trade their influence over bowl games to be able to support that goal for your school.

IMHO, that’s the trade off that can get the ball rolling. Kill ’em with love and support. See if we can put them in a position to succeed like they have never imagined. Lets see what happens.

Let me know what you think…

This post originally appeared at Blog Maverick and is republished here with permission.

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