What The Apple Tablet Won't Look Like: HP's New 'DreamScreen'

Apple is reportedly working on a tablet computer that will come out next year.

In the meantime, rival HP has released this new machine… the DreamScreen, which seems to be a cross between a low-end computer and a digital photo frame. (Read more by Dean Takahashi at VentureBeat here.)

At $250 (or $300 for a larger version), this might make a nice, expensive clock radio — it can tune into Pandora or HP’s “SmartRadio” service, or your computer’s music library. But without even as much as a Web browser, it’s hard to see it useful for much more.

Update: One commenter suggests that this could be a “more functional Kindle.” As a response, we’re adding this second photo, showing the back of the device and what appears to be a kickstand. This doesn’t look like something that you’re going to want on your lap on the subway.

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