What Teens Want: A Fascinating Music And Recession Study

teens kids musicThese kids are buying music, even in a recession.

If you liked the Amazing Media Habits of 8-18 Year Olds, which offered a glimpse inside a new generation’s interaction with a new media world, you’re going to like this fascinating look at teens and the music business.Tina Wells, the CEO of Buzz Marketing Group, created this presentation based on Buzz’s survey of about a 1,000 boys and girls aged 13-19 years old in March. The marketing firm dug up some fascinating facts about how teens discover, buy, and share music these days.

Some fascinating take-aways:

  • When a new song debuts, most kids download the song on iTunes or listen to it on MySpace or Pandora.
  • 74% of female teens say they don’t download music illegally.
  • When asked ‘Would you buy an iPad?” 64% of teens said no.
  • Boys prefer blogs (63%), while girls prefer magazines (55%).
  • 13 year olds still hear new music first on the radio, not on the Internet or from TV videos.
  • Since 2008, popularity in hip-hop and R&B music has declined, while rock is getting a boost.
  • 85% of teens said they cut down spending during the recession, but clothing and dining out were among the top cuts. Buying music is 6th on the list of spending cuts.

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What's Hot With Teens: By Tina Wells

961 teens were surveyed during March.

The artists they are willing to pay for...

Lil Wayne is still a favourite.

Hip-hop is the most popular, but rock is gaining steam.

48% of teens hear music on the Internet first.

34% of teens download a new song from iTunes first.

More boys than girls don't mind swiping songs illegally.

It's about an even split on albums vs. singles.

Concerts and live events can still bring in big bucks.

We're guessing malls are suffering during the recession.

Pop quiz!

62% would not buy an iPad (they can't afford one)!

Facebook is the most-visited site.

83% of teens prefer Facebook over MySpace.

Blogs are big among boys.

Let's review demographics of survey responders...most were from Illinois, California or New York.

The majority of them were aged 18-19.

Also, white.

Demographics on gender & education

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