What Tech Execs Love About The Stimulus


No one likes a compromise, and it feels like no one likes the new $789 billion stimulus bill. At least it seemed that way till the WSJ rounded up three tech executives who sang its praises.

  • Intel VP Peter Cleveland loves that the bill will send $3 billion to the National Science Foundation, “whose grants for university and company research projects can turn into big businesses in a decade or so–serving as the “seed corn” of Silicon Valley, he contends,” according to the WSJ.
  • Fujitsu Computer Products of America VP Joel Hagberg loves that the stimulus will ratchet up demand for his company’s disk drives and scanners among healthcare providers who have to improve their computer systems.
  • Wyse Technology CMO Jeff McNaught loves that investment in the medical and education sectors will spur demand for his company’s “thin client” devices, which the WSJ describes as “bare-bones terminals that display data that is processed on larger server systems.

Of course one problem the bill’s detractors have with it, is that its benefits remain so vague. These execs don’t do much to remedy that. But maybe you can quantify how the stimulus will impact your business? If so, we’d like to hear it. Tip us off at [email protected]