Priceless Photos Of Supreme Court Justices When They Were Young And Carefree

Supreme court justices

Photo: Loren Sztajer at and

It seems strange, but before they took their seats on the U.S. Supreme Court, the justices played sports, went to school, and maybe even got into trouble like the rest of us. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a cheerleader. Stephen Breyer was on the debate team.

And Samuel Alito had “great and ineffable thoughts.” 

But the school days are gone, and you might not even recognise some of the justices in their younger days.

So, what did the justices look like before having to rule on health care, affirmative action, and surveillance laws?

Clarence Thomas

Left: Thomas in his undergraduate years at The College of the Holy Cross. He graduated in 1971.

Anthony Kennedy

Left: Kennedy, dressed in his Cub Scout uniform, poses with his little brother Tim, circa 1946.

Sonia Sotomayor

Left: Sotomayor as a young girl, age six or seven.

Sonia Sotomayor

Sotomayor's Princeton yearbook photo--she graduated summa cum laude in 1976, also winning a Pyne Prize, the school's top award for academic excellence.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Left: Ginsburg in her cheerleading days at James Madison High School in Brooklyn, N.Y, circa 1949.

John Roberts

Left: Roberts at Lumiere High School, a Catholic boarding school in Indiana, in 1973.

Elena Kagan

Left: Nine-year-old Elena Kagan with her family in January 1970.

Samuel Alito

Left: Alito in his Princeton undergraduate days, where he was a Woodrow Wilson Scholar, 'thinking great and ineffable thoughts,' as his yearbook puts it.

Antonin Scalia

Left: Scalia, the empirically proven funniest judge on the Supreme Court, is pictured here at Xavier High School in Manhattan in 1953.

Stephen Breyer

Left: Breyer in his Lowell High School days, where he was on the debate team, in 1955.

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