You've never heard an animal sound as weird as this baby panda

Pandas. They’re super weird! Sneaky, vegetarian, Disney-looking bears that sometimes show up during super critical moments in global diplomacy. 

Wildlife photographer Ami Vitale recently published a photo essay in National Geographic about China’s recent successes in their breeding and rewilding panda program. Over the course of three years of access to the program, she spent a great deal of time with the newborn bears. And recently, she’s shared a great deal of what she found on her social media feeds.

Here’s one find that surprised me enough to triple-check, and I’d describe myself as fairly panda-literate: The black-and-white bears don’t roar at all, even when they’re agitated.

And the babies make, apparently, this super weird cat-with-a-sock-on-its-head noise recorded on Vitale’s Instagram. You have to hear it to believe it:

You can read Tech Insider’s full interview with Vitale, and see some of her amazing photos of the baby pandas, here.

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