Find out what the No. 1 song was on the day you were born with this nifty website

I can finally sleep soundly with the knowledge that “I Adore Mi Amor,” a silky smooth 90’s track by R&B boy band Colour Me Badd, was the No. 1 song on the day I was born.

Luckily, you too can find out what the No. 1 song was on your birthday thanks to the online music and radio blog, a fun little website that was started as a hobby by a guy named Jeff. We first heard about over at Product Hunt.

To find your own birthday song, all you have to do is select your birthday and the site will reveal what song was at the top of the charts the day you entered the world. It even includes the YouTube video for the track so you can watch the (likely) cringe-worthy music video as well.

You can find out your own birthday song by clicking here.

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