This is the outfit every guy should try for Valentine's Day

Your significant other is probably expecting a lot from you on Valentine’s Day.

Flowers, chocolates, a thoroughly planned-out date, and a thoughtful gift will take you most of the way there. But to really bring it all the way home, you need to look the part.

Whether you’re used to dressing up for dates, or you don’t know a blazer from a suit jacket, it’s worth putting in some extra effort.

We’ve put together a perfect date night outfit that has just enough pizzazz to it to spice up the night.

Blazer: It’s date night, so dust off that trusty cotton blazer. Make sure to wear one that isn’t too formal (you’re looking for cotton or unlined) so it doesn’t seem like A) you’re trying too hard or B) you don’t know what you’re doing. A cotton blazer like this navy APC version ($530) is perfect.

Shirt: Your best casual shirt should do the trick. Stay on-theme with a dash of red, and you’re good to go. This J. Crew shirt ($75) perfectly fits the bill.

Jeans: Skip the chinos and go straight for the denim. A super dark wash like these APC Selvedge Slim ($235) jeans is exactly what you need to impress on Valentine’s Day.

Shoes: Your shoes also need to walk a fine line. Avoid going too dressy with longwing brogues like the Allen Edmonds’ MacNeil pebble leathered version ($385).

Watch: Your nicest one that also isn’t too flashy. This is date night, so put some thought into how what you put on your wrist relates to the rest of your outfit. Go for something similar to the Tag Heuer Carrera ($2,000).

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