What're People Most Thankful For? Twitter Knows

What’s Twitter’s big secret plan for making money? We don’t know. But here’s another guess: In part, by allowing advertisers to sponsor single sites featuring live-updates from all Twitter users regarding a single topic or event — like the one Twitter created for the elections at elections.twitter.com, but for marketer-friendly events like the Super Bowl (Bud), Christmas (Target) or a Steve Jobs keynote (RIM) speech instead.

Agencies are always saying their clients want to feel like they’re providing users with a new service, not just sticking a brand on the top of a Web page. With that in mind, wouldn’t it make sense for a brand like Publix or Whole Foods or Cotton to pay Twitter to create a heavily branded — but unbannered — site featuring the results below, showing with people a “Thankful For” this holiday?

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